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You got your VC meeting, now what?

Just like your company is unique, so too are venture capitalists and their investment strategies. Many mistakes are made by entrepreneurs, way before they get to the meeting. Join us as top-tier VCs share their experience and insight.

Start Up on the Right Foot — Build a Customer Advisory Board

Peter Kazanjy  — Founder @talentbinhiring (acquired by Monster 2/14). Sales, recruiting, HCM, & SAAS are his jam. Currently writing @foundingsales for next gen of founders. “You’re transitioning those initial research conversations into a longer-term relationship, giving you a chance to prove how awesome you and your execution on this idea are, and investing these people in your […]

On TechCrunch: San Diego (SDVG) Sets the Stage for Tech Cities

This article features our actual work at SDVG, and even uses a few of our graphics.  Learn more about the initiative sdvg.org/beachhead. Feb 02, 2017 —  Startup ecosystems are taking root across the country — Utah, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, New York City — and they’re all looking to copy the formula Silicon Valley made so successful.