On TechCrunch: San Diego (SDVG) Sets the Stage for Tech Cities

This article features our actual work at SDVG, and even uses a few of our graphics.  Learn more about the initiative sdvg.org/beachhead.

Feb 02, 2017 —  Startup ecosystems are taking root across the country — UtahSeattle, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, New York City — and they’re all looking to copy the formula Silicon Valley made so successful.




As Costs Soar in Silicon Valley, San Diego Looks for Startup Gains

May 10, 2016  — Venture capital continues to gush into Silicon Valley, but is the Bay Area’s decades-long startup boom sustainable? Talk in the valley has turned increasingly gloomy amid signs that its phenomenal tech boom—like Moore’s law itself—is bumping against its upper limits.



Why I Moved my Startup from San Francisco to San Diego

March 29, 2016 — San Francisco has long been hailed the home of the tech startup — the place to be for entrepreneurs looking to lay the foundation for the next big thing. As a mobile app platform with high aspirations, we joined the mix, sharing an area code for four years with the lauded engineers of Silicon Valley and inserting ourselves into the supposed center of the tech world.

It seemed like the best possible move. And for a while, it was.


Making Millions in Tech, and Keeping it in San Diego