Siragen Pharmaceuticals is a drug discovery and development biotechnology company, focused on novel approaches to treat Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Siragen is developing a group of small lead molecules that tackles Alzheimer’s disease by novel strategy different from current unsuccessful approaches.



StemoniX is setting a new economic paradigm around stem cell technologies to meet the demands of drug discovery and personalized medicine.



ScoreStream is a communication platform that allows fans to share information around sporting events with their family and friends. ScoreStream includes an IOS application, Android Application, Scoreboard widgets, and a host of other sport scoring tools on their website.


Reach Robotics

To make a lasting impression on people through technology and STEM, their imagination first needs to be captured. We’re using robotics to create the next generation of toys and gaming technology to make them more fun and engaging. Our first product is the MechaMonsters.



LabFellows is a Digital Research Platform and Full Service Lab Concierge supporting BioTech companies through the Discovery and Development Phase. Industrial research is an extremely expensive and highly inefficient process. By leveraging sharing economy principles, deep understanding of scientific research, and our technology platform, we are able to save BioTech companies on average 30% on their capital expenditures while accelerating their research timelines.


Venue Report

The Venue Report is COOL because we believe in trusted curation, quality over quantity and connecting people with extraordinary places and experiences. We promote gatherings, the oldest tradition in humankind, bringing people together to celebrate moments in their life that often times they will remember for the rest of their life.


TruMed Systems

We have created the worlds first fully automated vaccine storage and handling system. Our system does a superior job maintaining proper temperature compared to traditional refrigerators. The system is cloud controlled and automates reporting and tracking that nurses do manually today.


Tourmaline Labs

Tourmaline Labs, Inc. provides location and behavior monitoring services to phone app developers, carriers and manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Asia.


Cordial is a next-gen behavioral messaging platform designed to allow smart marketers to engage and connect with consumers across all digital media in real-time. Cordial offers messaging powered by customer behavior so companies can capture and respond to every digital interaction and connect to customers in the moment, on any digital device, ensuring high value interactions with consumers.



Apmetrix is a mission critical SaaS based enterprise business intelligence platform that delivers multi-channel analytics for mobile, smart devices, gaming and digital media companies. Our real-time streaming platform allows companies to significantly increase operational efficiencies and empowers them to make decisions based on facts, not fiction.



LoanHero has developed an instantaneous consumer loan origination platform that is powered by marketplace resources (peer-to-peer), balance sheet and strategic lenders – providing the best financing option for the consumer, merchant and lender at the point of sale. By integrating different lending products into one streamlined platform, LoanHero is able to offer the most competitive loan product available for all levels of credit, empowering merchants and lenders alike to become a hero to the consumers they serve.


Pet Wireless

Tailio (developed by Pet Wireless) is evolutionary patented technology that creates value to the entire ecosystem: pets, pet owners, veterinarians, pet food, pharma, and insurance companies. Non-invasive, collar-free, ambient in-home pet health monitoring device acting as an early warning system, capable of detecting signs of more than 20 different diseases, for early intervention by veterinarians. Sort of check engine light with a Big Data play.


OrPro Therapeutics

OrPro aims to disrupt how serious obstructive lung diseases are treated. We use a patented, modified human airway enzyme that improves on nature to enhance activity combined with the optimal safety of a non-systemic drug acting on the airway surface and not inside the body. We are partnered with NIH, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and leading academic CF centers.



LeadCrunch is cool because it empowers small and medium size business to find new customers using cutting edge artificial intelligence. Think of LeadCrunch as “David’s slingshot” for outbound sales teams to beat Goliath incumbents. Our customers get 3x to 6x improvement in lead quality. That is why we grew by more than 90% in every month of 2016 (so far).  Data is growing and changing at an unprecedented rate. LeadCrunch gives you the power of artificial intelligence to find patterns that describe companies most likely to buy from you. Unlike lead brokers, trade shows, and other lead sources, LeadCrunch scans all data in real time so you can target sales efforts with laser precision.



The best cloud-based construction software for subcontractor project management.


Camston Wrather

Camston recycles gold and precious metals from electronic waste using a two-stage non-toxic proprietary green technology. The process is low cost and generates positive cash flow in the first month after the completion of each processing system. Currently, 270 tons of gold per year is diverted to developing countries or thrown directly into U.S. landfills.



From ringing bells with every sales deal, to surf board racks and foosball in the warehouse, Zingle is very proud of their culture with every day. We work hard and have fun in the process. Every day is a little more fun and because messaging is SO COOL right now… Zingle goes hand in hand with it being messaging pioneers. In 2009, Zingle started providing the best customer experiences to all businesses. Starting w/ texting, Zingle pioneered the patented text printer, and now our cloud-based web dashboard for all business messaging.



Zebit is the first fintech company committed to leveling the playing field for working Americans by freeing them from financial stress. How cool is that? Zebit users have access to a worry-free credit model that can be used to pay for large or unexpected purchases over time without interest or fees. Zebit also features cool budgeting and planning tools.


Xycrobe Therapeutics

Xycrobe’s proprietary, patent-pending technology uses the body’s good bacteria and turns them into tiny, mobile, medicine factories with on/off switches. With Xycrobe’s technology you just place a topical product on your skin and the live, mobile Xycrobes get to work releasing medicine to the target tissues.


XY Findables

XY Findables already has customers all over the world using our Bluetooth item finders on everything from Ferrari keys to surfboards to diaper bags. In 2016, we're expanding our product line with a GPS unit, NFC stickers, and upgraded hardware in our Bluetooth devices.



We put cash back into the pockets of everyday American commuters. We have maintained triple digit month over month and we are nearing a $3M revenue run rate.


Wildcat Discovery Technologies

Wildcat is a group of scientists and engineers developing better Lithium Ion battery technologies. Our discoveries are used in batteries to power computers, cell phones, medical devices, and cars. We use drug discovery techniques, high throughput combinatorial chemistry, and apply these to the discovery of new battery materials. We out-license our discoveries, so our business requires little capital, and is very profitable.


Underground Elephant

As a creative technology company with a wildly creative team, “controlled chaos” is the mantra we live by. This ethos is the bedrock of our innovative spirit. It shows in how we collaborate, whether we are sharing new ideas at demo days, writing code for two-week sprints, hosting renowned community speakers, or throwing one-of- a-kind offsite parties. Our success is derived together, as a team. Underground Elephant's projected revenue for 2016 is expected to be over $100 million and our staff is expected to increase to over 100 employees.



SweetLabs is an app install platform that helps developers reach millions of new users, while enabling device manufacturers to better monetize and differentiate their products. SweetLabs powers dynamic app delivery across Android and Windows devices, getting the right app to the right user on the right device.



Stock market research is bland and tedious so SparkFin has set out to change the industry. SparkFin allows users to quickly find the best stock ideas by providing professionally curated stock lists based on market themes, current trends, and popular topics reducing research from hours to a few seconds.



SkySafe is focused on the growing public safety and privacy threats caused by consumer drones. We’re the first complete solution for detecting, identifying, tracking, and mitigating malicious drone activity. This last year has seen a rise in drone threats to airports, stadiums, prisons, border protection, and many more critical air spaces. SkySafe is helping those areas secure their airspace.


Secured Universe

We STOP malware (threats disguised as legitimate apps) on the 2 billion devices powered by Android. Unlike everyone else, our BiTSentry technology doesn't detect or predict anything, it isolates and mitigates the risk of malware from the bottom up. The core technology will be extended beyond mobility to secure the Internet of Things (IoT). We are Secured Universe.


Robo 3D

We built our first 3D printer in 2013 and launched it on Kickstarter raising $650,000 in preorders in 30 days. Now our product is in 2400 cities across 96 countries helping people bring their ideas to life.



Phluido’s technology brings enhanced performance and great cost savings to the world of cellular networks, by removing much of the equipment that is currently disbursed to every antenna site, and replacing it with software running on cloud servers. Operators can manage and upgrade their network through simple cloud software, without sending technicians and new hardware to each antenna site.



OSSIC X is the world’s first 3D audio headphone that instantly calibrates to the listener, increasing the sense of auditory space, and acoustically recreating the way you hear the world everyday. Experience music like never before. Get more immersed in virtual reality. Bring gaming to the next level.