MindTouch is a cloud-based software helping companies take the product content they already produce and turn it into a customer engagement channel that educates buyers and creates product experts to grow revenue.



Lymber helps you find the classes and activities that best fit your lifestyle, with results based on your location and unique preferences. With Lymber, you can now enjoy the best in fitness and wellness without costly monthly membership fees and restrictions.


Leading Biosciences

Leading BioSciences is advancing a novel therapeutic to address conditions that result from the breakdown of the intestinal mucosal barrier. Now in advanced clinical testing, LB1148 is designed to prevent postoperative ileus and surgical adhesions, reduce complications from cardiovascular surgery and stop multiple-organ failure from acute shock.



Most independent sales reps lack sales and management experience and are given inadequate training and poor tools, if any. No wonder that most fail. Fragmob creates fun, gamified, powerful mobile apps to make these sales reps more effective. We are already fundamentally changing and improving a global market of 100 million sales reps with well-designed and intuitive apps.


Forge Therapeutics

We are developing a novel antibiotic to treat infections caused by drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria where treatments no longer exist. The target, LpxC, has been worked on by large pharma for decades but failed due to limitations with their metal binding chemistry. Pharma has optimized 90% of the chemistry and we have solved the remaining 10%.



We make 3D Printed shoes that are custom fit and styled using your smartphone. Amazing technology that wows customers in watching a shoe being “born”.  We solve a big problem (fit) in a big global market ($20bn) with key patented technology (5 patents) with an awesome team… and make revenue.



We have 10 times more microbes than human cells and 100 times more microbial genes than human genes. The human microbiome (collection of all microbes) is a fundamental part of our physiology. Dermala is pioneering unique human microbiome-based drug discovery and development. Our approach is based on previously unexplored aspect of the microbiome – metabolome (collection of all metabolites from the microbiome) that plays a critical role in health and/or disease.



Many cancers are a mixture of cells with different mutations. Combinations of drugs that attack the cells differently is often more effective than individual therapies, and minimizes the risk of recurrence due to drug resistance. At CureMatch we’ve made cancer personal. Our decision support system helps oncologists select an optimal drug combination based upon the genetics of each patient’s tumor.



CourseKey is a classroom engagement and management tool that leverages student-owned smart-devices to turn any modern classroom into a tech-enabled learning environment. Founded at San Diego State University in 2014, CourseKey was created by students in collaboration with professors and is designed to increase overall attendance and interaction through an innovative social learning environment.



We deliver software proven to increase sales and reduce costs through national customer rollout. On April 11th launched with the worlds’ largest restaurant chain at their worldwide convention. This is a comprehensive digital platform solution with hyper-local consumer engagement, actionable analytics, store energy savings, asset management, and soon IoT.





Brojure engages, inspires and informs audiences through visual storytelling. It is ideal for selling and marketing experiences, products and services through an easy to use cloud-based application. Use Brojure for proposals, presentations, brand building, luxury products, fundraising, memories, and invitations.



AttackIQ purpose-built the FireDrill SaaS platform to easily integrate into any existing network to almost immediately identify security gaps and provide actionable insight to improve your security posture.



What is approved? We’re redefining the home loan experience, with pre-approval automatically in minutes, not weeks. Sign up today for a sneak peak and grab your spot in line.



Posiba is a “Bloomberg like” big data and analytics powered information service (SaaS) commercializing its services in the foundation and nonprofit sector. Posiba is the first mover in this surprisingly large $10 billion SAAS market. Foundations, Government entities, nonprofits and impact investors are adopting our solutions and Posiba is positioned as a utility infrastructure play with affordable and easily deployed services. Posiba also created givn (, now in App store, Android version is launching in August, 2015) which helps charities boost donations leveraging the social networks of their existing donors and enables donors to see their giving and influence through their network over time — all while allowing Posiba to gather high value individual giver information not available anywhere else today. The enterprise version of givn is being launched enabling employers to also publicly share their charitable activity and link to their employee’s further supporting customer and employee acquisition and retention.



Find a restaurant? Use Yelp. Network in business? LinkedIn is the leading method. Single resource for parents?  None! What’s the most important thing that humans do?  Raise children. How much do parents spend annually on their children? $960B. Peachjar is the leader in digital flyer management systems used by U.S. school districts. The system delivers eflyers right to parents email and smartphone. This has given outside community organizations unsurpassed ability to reach their audience (parents).


NXT Robotics

NXT Robotics is a San Diego, CA-based company that designs and builds collaborative service robots to support the increasing needs of the hospitality industry. Our service robot platforms deliver around-the-clock back-office and guest-related services for our customers. This provides for increased efficiency while reducing operational costs.


Molecular Assemblies

The life science industry is driven in large part by our growing understanding of the genome. Taking the industry to the next level requires equal advances in synthesizing DNA or “writing’ new genomes. Cost-effective, high-quality methods for writing this genetic code will enable programming of cells to produce new sources of advanced therapeutics, food, fuels, advanced chemicals, agricultural products and eventually big data storage, nanomachines and bioelectronics. Two of the founding members of ABI, the original genomics tools company, have reunited to develop a patented enzymatic process to advance writing of these important genomes.


Lawn Love

Lawn Love is an on-demand lawn care company. We’re Handy/Homejoy for everything outside the walls. At $74B/year, the lawn care market is huge, and over 80% of American households have a lawn. The market is low-tech, highly fragmented, and the current customer experience is terrible. We’re bringing software and smart operations to the space, which both improve the end customer experience and drive significant value for the supply side of our market.



Holonis is the solution for anyone to become successful online. Our goal is to unleash human creativity by giving the opportunity for all users to transform their passions into an opportunity that they can profit from. The Holonis platform enables users to tell their story by connecting the tools they need for content, commerce, distribution, social media, data, and customer engagement. By eliminating the barriers to online success, Holonis makes it easy for anyone to market themselves in a way that stand-alone websites can’t. The power of the platform connects all users into a community that amplifies marketing efforts allowing them to build and manage their brand.



GoFormz provides a mobile-first productivity solution that lets businesses capture data electronically with mobile forms that look exactly like existing paper forms. We transform companies into truly data-driven businesses that capture real-time information across their entire workflow. With eight million form pages processed, GoFormz is helping over 10,000 customers across more than 150 countries eliminate paper forms, unlock business data and dramatically improve how they work. GoFormz is backed by Cloud Apps Capital Partners and FLOODGATE and based in San Diego, California.



FuelRod® offers a world-first, on-the-go power solution for users of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) so that they can enjoy continuous, untethered power anytime, anywhere. With 7 billion mobile devices worldwide, the market for mobile chargers is estimated to be $7B in the US alone. We intend to become a market leader by introducing a scalable, high-margin business model based on the concept of “Power as a Service (PaaS).” Just exchange a depleted FuelRod for a fully charged one at any of our automated kiosks or SwapBoxes. They will be found at convenient, high-traffic locations such as airports, convention centers, hotels/resorts, theme parks, subway/train stations, coffee shops, etc.


451 Degrees

Consumers comment on content from thousands of places such as News sites, Amazon, Yelp, YouTube as well as through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and others. How do you make comments, Big Data, matter and not just focus on simple Sentiment Analysis? Meet Graffiti, a Big Data Software as a Service (SaaS) for all content that is an Article, Product, Image, Video or Music File. Graffiti follows content wherever it resides and travels to via the web or Mobile Apps in Real Time. Graffiti automatically optimizes Big Data related to content in real-time by analyzing user generated comments to enhance; engagement, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), search traffic, and online advertising sales. 451 Degrees is currently holding four US Patents 8,055,688, 8,126,936, 8,543,622 and 8,930,414. More Patents have been filled and are expected to be issued based on relevance to those already approved.



STATION is a powerful broadcasting platform based on local discovery. STATION shows you “What’s Going on Around You”. Users can share LIVE or recorded audio and video, pictures, and text, all linked to a specific location.



SOCi is a social media content discovery engine and management platform that is winning over the Nation’s largest digital marketing service providers and multi-location brands. Through its patent pending content discovery engine, SOCi scores the social web to tell you what is working in social. Layered on top of the world’s most robust social media management platform, SOCi is quickly becoming the social media marketing automation platform of choice. Our partners include Gannett Media, Yellow Pages, Berkshire Hathaway and many others. SOCi has contracted more than $1M in ARR in the last 6 months, and has identified a number of new monetization paths. SOCi is seeking capital partners to help them grow existing and new channels.


Skylit Medical

Skylit Medical is bringing a connected UVB treatment device to 40 million patients with psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema, all lifelong conditions. Skylit uses cutting edge LED technology to deliver what in 1 minute takes Philips 30 minutes to deliver. The company’s connected feedback loop is the only solution in the therapeutic ladder that verifies treatment. Skylit anticipates 510(k) clearance in Q3 2016 and is closing a Series A round for usability test buildout and FDA submission.



Sightly is a video ad technology company revolutionizing how people view and interact with advertising. We empower advertisers and their agencies to deliver the most relevant messages to the most receptive viewers in hyper-local areas across every screen through YouTube and other online networks. Our award-winning TargetView™ platform combines dynamic ad personalization with advanced audience micro-targeting, programmatic campaign management and data-driven optimization technologies to deliver the industry’s most effective and scalable solution for brand awareness and customer acquisition. Learn more and subscribe to Sightly Insights at



Webble is the leading and largest horizontally integrated hyper-location network. We have over 9000 installed locations (SmartSpots) and app developers can write and deploy to our network with a single SDK and one contract in less than 30 minutes. We have the lowest cost to acquire locations of any competitor and offer the only single source multi-tenant network. We make money through developer fees, advertising, data analytics, and location fees.


Velocity Growth

Velocity Growth provides lift to campaigns by understanding people, identifying influencers, and building value-added audiences through our data-driven Social CRM platform. We provide person and audience level data enrichment across various social networks to drive business results with our easy-to-use engagement tools and/or paid media to engage with those people via our Influencer API. We started our business with a $21,000 rewards crowdfunding campaign ~18 months ago, before one line of code was written and have since worked with medium sizes businesses, educational institutions and political campaigns. Founders put $200,000 into the company and we’re on track to do more than 2x that in revenue this year. We are a preferred Twitter Ads API developer, have an experienced senior team and seeking to grow ahead of what will be the biggest political spending cycle in history.



StoryCloud is the leading provider of permission based publishing with real time analytics. Utilizing chat messaging and file sharing, the platform enables users and publishers to securely determine who sees their content, when, where, for how long and on any specific device. With thirteen patents pending, this innovative content control technology empowers the user audience to be candid and genuine with their communication in a way that does not exist in the current social network environment. Moreover for publishers, StoryCloud also provides its technology platform as a fully hosted service for corporations and organizations enabling them to migrate massive audiences back to their brand for extended lengths of time, dramatically reducing the customer cost per acquisition.



FHOOSH protects and powers valuable information for corporations, institutions and government. We do so with two synergistic solutions: FHOOSH bankLevel+™ cybersecurity safeguards an organization’s critical business and customer data from cyberthreats by storing it in a state that is useless to hackers. FHOOSH does so ~5x faster than storing data unencrypted. FHOOSH technology breaks apart, disassociates, separately encrypts then disperses data. The system also quickly notifies network administrators when unauthorized individuals try to access FHOOSH-protected databases, object stores and file systems. With 15 patents pending, FHOOSH technology has been validated by the foremost cybersecurity response and assessment firm. With powerClick, users can quickly and securely complete even the most sophisticated web and PDF forms with a single click, going far beyond available form fillers. Users can also breeze through eCommerce and mobile checkouts more safely as guests.