Cypher Genomics

Cypher Genomics is a leading genome informatics company offering a highly accurate, rapid and robust interpretation software solution for users of human genome sequencing. The proprietary, automated genomic interpretation platform allows clinical laboratories to tune Cypher Genomics’ market leading sensitivity and specificity profiles to develop molecular tests for diagnostic and prognostic use and pharmaceutical companies to discover biomarkers from whole genome sequence data in sample sizes typical of early stage drug development studies. Through Mantis, the genome interpretation software as a service offering, and Coral, a biomarker discovery service, Cypher Genomics can improve health care and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions.



CyberFlow Analytics develops FlowScape™ software that delivers continuous cyber security threat assessment and monitoring at scale using unsupervised machine learning and behavioral analytics. CyberFlow technology is focused on detection of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and cyber breaches for the enterprise security market and the Industrial Internet of Things. The company has termed the expression “anomalytics” to describe real-time network anomaly detection using advanced analytics. The company was founded and is managed by an experienced management team, which includes Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, Tom Caldwell and Louie Gasparini. CyberFlow Analytics is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California with offices in Silicon Valley.



CureMetrix has developed an amazing technology. An algorithm more powerful than anything else on the market. Development of the CureMetrix technology began in 2004 and our algorithm was first deployed at NASA in 2006. Since that initial contract with NASA to help predictably model space weather, we’ve deployed our algorithm into 8 different domains for a variety of organizations. Over the last 8 years we’ve spent over $4M on R&D and used our algorithms to develop models for National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Defense (DoD), and a variety of private companies in domains that range from smart grid energy consumption to genomics to cancer treatment. Our team of data scientists have taught, published, and are world-renowned specialists in plasma astrophysics, machine learning, predictive modeling and statistics.


CoreTechs Labs

Dramatically improve the diagnosis, early detection and personalized treatment of key brain disorders by bringing innovative brain image analysis software solutions to clinical practice. Our software solution NeuroQuant automatically segments, classifies and quantifies the volumes of sub-cortical brain structures. It then compares them to normative values by age and gender, and provides reports to neurologists and radiologists. It helps assess a variety of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and child development disorders. It s FDA 510K cleared and CE Mark approved, and it is protected by an issued broad patent. It is used by hundreds hospitals and clinical institutions around the world.


Companion Medical

Companion Medical was founded with the idea that while insulin pumps are the best therapy you can provide for an insulin using diabetic, only 7% of patients choose to use them because of their cost and challenges. By adding Bluetooth to an insulin pen, we have brought the benefits of insulin pump therapy like dose calculators, dose reminders and therapy reporting right to the patient’s smartphone. Our solution is cheaper and easier to use than a pump, but provides the same clinical benefits. We believe our solution amounts to the best of both worlds. Also, by working with data aggregators like Dexcom, Glooko and others our solution enables a complete diabetes therapy review which is impossible today except for those few on insulin pumps. Notable investors include Eli Lilly, Diamyd and several diabetes company CEOs.

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Cloudbeds creates browser-based hospitality management software that simplifies the working life of hoteliers. Cloudbeds’ award-winning software is trusted by thousands of hotels, hostels, and groups in over 115 countries. With over 300 integrations, Cloudbeds connects to more marketplaces than any software in this industry.


Boost Academy

Boost Academy offers students one-on-one math tutoring over the iPad. The company’s patent-protected platform provides a rich, fully interactive learning environment for students who are able to conveniently connect with their own subject-certified, personal tutor. The app converts the iPad into a two-way, real-time whiteboard. Students and tutors work through problems together as though they’re in the same room. Tutors can work with students to review homework, solve problems, and prepare for upcoming tests. Each session is recorded for playback and easy review. The San Diego-based company, which launched its product in the fall of 2014, has raised $1.6m in seed funding to advance its innovative technology.



Antenna79’s patented technology maximizes RF performance of wireless devices. We design cell phone cases with built-in antenna technology that work with the antennas inside smartphones to create larger, improved antenna systems. Our ReachAntenna product is available nationwide in all Best Buy locations. Antenna79’s management team comes from Qualcomm and LifeProof and our technical team includes three engineering and physics PhDs. Our lead investor, Catteron, is the leading consumer-focused private equity firm.



Dogs are sad and lonely for 10s of billions of hours each year, and those who care about them feel so guilty they’ll spend $40/day and drive their pet to a “dog daycare”. The pet market has grown to nearly $60B/year, and there are now more dogs in the US than people under age 20. We’re a team of PhDs from the world’s top neuroscience program at UC San Diego, and we’re taking advanced behavior training technology previously available only to researchers, and bringing it into the home to provide dogs with the daily mental stimulation they crave. Our first product is a connected and intelligent hardware-software hub that uses a dog’s normal food to adaptively teach them to play games, all day. We’ve completed engineering and we’ll be launching and shipping this fall.



Portfolium is a website and iOS app solving the LinkedIn and resume problem employers experience when recruiting college students and recent grads due to their limited professional work history. It’s an academic e-portfolio network for millennials across all fields of study to visually showcase their work, projects and skills to employers and hiring managers. By combining features typically reserved for social and professional networking platforms with the ability to create and aggregate multimedia content from across the web, Portfolium uniquely provides employers with a deeper, more all-encompassing view of a student’s passions, abilities and overall potential.