Using Expensive Enterprise Software to be More ‘Lean Startup’

Michael Muse — Product Operations,

Lean Startup is not about money — in fact, this is NOT an article about ROI through displacement. If that topic interests you, your local Salesforce sales rep would be happy to tell you more.

For the uninitiated, Lean Startup is all about customer discovery and iterative learning. Before we get into how we’ve utilized expensive software to to do that, let me point out a few nuances about our business.



Changes in the Venture Capital Funding Environment

Mark Suster2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs — I’m on Twitter at @msuster

The funding environment for tech startups is an ever shifting ground as we go through predictable shifts that go hand-in-hand with the slowing of the overall market… there are two major trends worth understanding that most VCs know by now and I suspect most entrepreneurs do not.



Why I Moved my Startup from San Francisco to San Diego

Andrew GazdeckiFounder and CEO at Bizness Apps — #91 on Inc. 500 for 2015. Loves working on challenging problems and never giving up — Follow him on Twitter at @agazdecki

San Francisco has long been hailed the home of the tech startup — the place to be for entrepreneurs looking to lay the foundation for the next big thing. As a mobile app platform with high aspirations, we joined the mix, sharing an area code for four years with the lauded engineers of Silicon Valley and inserting ourselves into the supposed center of the tech world.

It seemed like the best possible move. And for a while, it was.